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Hey, dude.. This is officially my first post. =] I’m pretty excited to go back to blogging.. I had blogs with my cousin, Qil, before, so¬† this is officially my first blog alone. =D yayyy. so OLA, bitches!! mwahh.


So anyway~

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I am still up. I can’t really sleep. I’m glad I decided to create a new blog..because to have something to do beside eat, sleep, go online, go out. My boyfriend, Oz, his school holiday is ending tomorow so I may need something to keep me busy while he’s busy with school. =)

I am chatting with Tea (one of my few best friends since kids) right now..she’s telling me how her tummy is aching. That’s pretty normal coming from her. She’s always coming down with a tummy ache, cos she’s always too full.. That’s why I called her “poops”. Hahahaha

I really have no idea why I just said that. I’m being so random right now. so I think I should go now. =D see ya later, bitches. mwahh.